Bel Air Trans Globe Lighting

Bel Air Lighting, commonly known and referred to as Trans Globe Lighting, offer a wide array of products to satisfy your lighting needs. From bathroom lighting to ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, outdoor lighting - you name it, they sell it.

At we are your resource for finding the lowest price Bel Air Lighting lights. Due to industry connections with the lowest-priced Trans Globe Lighting stores we are able to offer you a $10 Coupon for your first time order! Shop using any of the stores on the Bel Air/Trans Globe sidebar. These sites also come with a low-price guarantee - in the unlikely event that you find any product cheaper elsewhere, they will match or beat that price by 10%. Shipping is free on orders over $75. Bel Air (Trans Globe) Lighting distribute their products throughout North America and are based in Valencia, CA. They have been doing so since 1986. For a little history on the company visit their website

Aside from offering one of the most comprehensive selections of outdoor lighting in the industry, the Bel Air Lighting Company excels in providing great outdoor lighting. Transglobe Lighting outdoor fixtures offer some unique advantages:

  • Bel Air Transglobe lights are built to withstand harsh weather conditions with quality cast aluminum construction
  • Beautiful designs
  • Wide variety of finishes
  • Affordable prices
Transglobe Lighting also enables their customers to do total landscape redesign by offering outdoor lighting collections that match up post lights, outdoor sconces, hanging lanterns, and pole lights.

Bel Air Transglobe Lighting Blog

Want a more in-depth look into different Bel Air Transglobe lights? Or maybe your not sure what you want to buy? Check out our Bel Air Trans Globe Blog (right hand side of the screen) for great ideas and tips on choosing outdoor lighting, chandeliers, bathroom lighting, energy efficient ideas complete with photos and advice on choosing the perfect fixture for your home renovation or makeover.